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no palm oil

no sugar added



Honey with Cocoa

The Bee Bros Honey with Cocoa, the combination of these two superfoods is a product with intense flavor and rich texture packed with so many health benefits.

A superior alternative to chocolate and chocolate spreads. Enjoy Honey with Cocoa any time of day!

Try it in the morning on toast, or on a crusty bread for delicious afternoon snack.


Honey with Cocoa &

The Bee Bros honey spread with cocoa and cherries is made with no sugar, no chemicals, no artificial flavours and no palm oil. It is ideal as a topping or filling in all your baking inventions!


Honey with Cocoa &


Thoma & Costa love cocoa honey and strawberries. But never had them all in one.

Honey with Cocoa and Strawberry is rich and creamy in texture It almost tastes nutty with the richness of cocoa and strawberry aroma.

Destined to be on every breakfast table!


Honey with Cocoa & Blackberries

The Bee Bro's have discovered a much healthier way for all the family to enjoy chocolate! This delicious honey spread is been mixed with greek honey and original cocoa powder to make a tasty natural chocolate flavoured spread. Children with a sweet tooth love chocolate spread, thankfully Bee Bros have created this pure honey and cocoa spread as a much healthier alternative to high sugar standard spreads.


Honey with Cocoa &


Thoma & Costa love bananas like monkeys.

Honey with Cocoa and Banana spread is made with no chemicals, artificial flavors, GMOs, or palm oil.

It’s fantastic as a frosting or filling in all your baking inventions! No matter how you enjoy it, there are always new ways to love Honey!

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