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the bee bros concept

Thoma and Costa, two little brothers - our children here at Stayia farm - have been the inspiration in developing  a new series of products based on the combination of two superfoods. Honey and Cocoa!They simply mixed exceptional Greek Honey with original cocoa powder and they made a delicious chocolate flavour spread, without adding any sugar. Children adore chocolate and chocolate spreads but unfortunately they are loaded with sugar which makes them an unhealthy food choice.We have discovered a new, healthier way to replace chocolate and this is how 'The Bee Bros', our brand, was born. Cocoa has been an amazing food source for humans since the ancient times.It is full of antioxidants, important vitamins and minerals. The natural sweetness of honey packed with so many health benefits works synergistically with cocoa. , Thoma and Costa, added also their favorite aromas: strawberry, banana, cherries and blackberries.  The « Bee Bros» achieved to crack the right balance of healthy, tasty and nutritious products by creating their Kids range : Honey with Cocoa, Honey with Cocoa & Strawberry Honey with Cocoa & Banana, Honey with Cocoa & Cherries, Honey with Cocoa & Blackberries and our latest addition, Biscuits with Honey & Cocoa and Wafers with Honey & Cocoa.

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